Popular 360degree R7S LED


Tianci lighting at present is the biggest factory for R7S. expercial our new type of 360degree R7S LED was very popular now.

Tell you a good news that, our 360degree R7S LED with 22mm size is going to launch in next week. 24th May 2015.

So you may have more choice for R7S LED now.

22mm size 360degree R7S LED will be more application, like the slim tube with hologen lamp. wall lamp.

This size is similar size with the old slim R7S, so it can totally replace the old R7S LED Lamp.



And we can also do four size: 78mm, 118mm, 135mm,189mm. 6W 10W 12W 15W.

Weclome to enquiry.

Contact info: lily

Email: sales04@tcled88.com

Skype: tcled04


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