LED tri-proof light IP65

LED tri proof lamp means waterproof, dustproof, corrsoionproof and vapor proof made by latest LED technology and  all in one high density PVC body, which is widely used in  food processing factory, dust free clean room, production workshop, parking area, pharmaceutical factory lighting solution or traditional  T5/T8 fluorecent tri proof lamp replacement.

The advantage of LED trip proof than T8 are that

1.It has hight power than T8 tube. 0.6m: 30W  1.2m: 50W  1.5m: 80W

2.The lumen can reach 100lm/w. suitable to use in factory.

3. Easy of installation, directly to connect 220V.

Below is the installation for LED tri proof light.


Below is LED trip proof clear photo:

01 (7) 01 (3)

This is perfect replacement for Tube.

If you inerested in, please contact me for more information.



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