The explantion for LED S14d/s14s linestra tubo socket

Tianci LED S14 linestra tubo launched in the market for one and half year. and receive very positive feedback from our customers.

But one problem is that during the purchase order. still many customer confused about the base of the LED s14 linestra tubo.

Most of customer think ”D” is two pin.   ”S” is one pin. but here i would like to clear the socket.

We also check the globle stardard name for it.  ” S” is two pin, ”D” is one pin. please check the below photo.



Hope our customers will not have more any confuse about it.

But if you still confuse it, it is better you write, one pin or two pin. then it won’t make any mistake.

Welcome to enquiry more information if any doubt.

Below is the contact information:


Skype: tcled04

Thank you for  your attantion!

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