How to choose G12 lamps replacement?

You maybe think about replacing the G12 lamps directly, keeping the G12 lamps holder, without removing the whole luminaire, to save costs for replacements. But do you know how to find the correct G12 lamps replacement? Of course, to replace with LED G12 lamps, then how to choose G12 LED LAMPS?

1. How to choose the correct color temperature?

If you want to use the G12 led lamp in stores, such as clothes shop, you can choose 2700K or 3000K, then to make sure the clothes looks more beautiful, to get more attentions from customers, then more orders.

If you want to use it in Library, then 4000K in nature would be a good choice, to protect reader’s eyes from tired.

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2. How to choose the correct wattages?

The first step, you can choose a LED G12 lamps to replace 10times halogen G12 lamps, such as 15W LED G12 to replace 150W halogen G12 bulb.

If there is without any suitable wattage to replace, then you can consider the total lumens you need, finally you can find a suitable replacements.

3. You should also pay attention to the size.

There are two designs for LED G12 lamps in the market, one is with a diameter 28mm, close to traditional G12 lamps, but only 8W/10W/12W for your choice; the other is G12 Par30 with a diameter 95.5mm, and you can choose 25W/30W/35W; so you can consider both wattage and size at the same time, to find the suitable replacements.

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G12 lamps,G12 LED LAMPS,G12 Par30,LED G12 lamps,G12 bulb

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G12 lamps,G12 LED LAMPS,G12 Par30,LED G12 lamps,G12 bulb

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