How to choose good quality LED Light?

First of all we need to know what is the core value of LED lamps ? Do you needs in these areas ? The main advantage of LED
lighting is energy-saving, long life , light color rich , fashionable.
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First, the cost.LED lamps’s cost is 3-10 times than the traditional lamps, if the power of time is more than six hours per
day , It is cost-effective for using LED lighting.It only take one year for getting back the money of buy LED Lamps.But if
the led lamp is used only 2-3 hours a day , that electricity is not much of the province.

Second, value. Of course, not all of the activities of human life only for money , fashion , to accept new things is an
attitude to life.

Third, the quality . If you determine to buy LED lamps , you should think over what kind of quality of LED lamps you need.
The quality of LED products on the market is different , Some poor quality cheap brand-name chip are used for led lamps.
For example, it is said that it is 1W, actually, it is only 0.5W-0.7W, and some manufacturers in order to improved the
brightness ,they will increase currrent of the driving power , which can cause serious bad light . You should choose some
own brand products, like TC lighting brand led lamps.

Fourth, after-sales service . Before buying the LED lamps, you must confirm the after service term with the manufactures.
LED lights as a modern lighting products , for many people ,it is still completely unknown . Therefore, when you purchase
LED lighting, please note that compare the quality.It also needs a good after-sales warranty and businesses protocol
products to ensure your rights.

For specific to the product , how to buy LED lighting products , we can look at the following three aspects:
led lamp is mainly composed of three parts , aluminum casing, drive and lights. Then, in the process of how to buy LED
lighting from these aspects to the screening , so buy the best cost-effective products?

1. LED lamps aluminum housing, Please choose the 6063 aluminum or Extruded, the heat dissipation is very good.
2. LED power driver, please choose constant current, which can ensure the led chip work stable.
3. LEDs source(chip),choose brand chip, Epistar, Samsung, Sanan, which with high lumen and low declare.

TC Lighting Brand led lamps, 6 years experiece in producing and export manfacture. Best products and service will be provide to you.

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