LED CORN PL: pretty in everything.


CORN PL is another evolution on LED bulb. Traditional PL can only light with 120 degree beam angle, cause the lighting effect inefficient after a long time use. But with this 360 beam angle design, led chips placed at all 4 sides, lights come from entire lamp body, which is very beautiful and have a very sufficient light supply.

We offer 3 different and most frequently used base of LED CORN PL, G24/ GX24/ E27.


And 2 coves, clear and forsted, of LED CORN PL.


Of course, advantages of LED CORN PL are never than that,


LED CORN PL is absolutley the perfect replacement for traditional FCL or energy-saving bulb, it is widely used in garden light, street light, and many front doors lighting.

LED corn

More detailed spefictiaon of our LED CORN PL state below,


More corn bulb available, check pictures below to know more.

corn lights2


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