How to Identify the base of LED PL Lamp?

G24 led pl lamp are extremely energy efficient and will greatly reduce your energy costs. These lamps can last up to 50,000 hours,If so, we can save so much maintain fee.With their high efficiency, their low wattage does not mean you lose out on brightness.The lumen can reach 100LM/W.The traditional CFL base including G24D-1,G24D-2,GX4Q-,GX4Q-3,and so on. But for our LED PL Lamp base, we make some change, G24,GX24-4PINS,GX23,G23 and so on, which can replace the CFL directly. Do not worry about the base compatiable. More photos show as follow.

LED PL Lamp Base:

LED Source And Base

Traditional CFL lamp Base:


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