Dimmerable 360degree R7S LED from Tianci lighting


After launched new 360degree R7S LED in the market, the sales volum increasing very repidly. and the best among all our LED R7S version.

We have the spefication of :

TC-R7S-2835-5WA   500lm     48pcs Epistar SMD.  replace 60W halogen lamp.

TC-R7S-2835-10WA   1000lm     108pcs Epsitar SMD        replace 100W halogen lamp

TC-R7S-2835-12WA     1200lm      135pcs Epistar SMD       replace 120W halogen lamp

TC0R7S-2835-15W       1500lm        216pcs Epistar SMD     replace 150W halogen lamp.

These above model, the popular size is 118mm.

The most advantege of our 360degree R7S LED is that we are the only one factory can do dimmerable driver for it.

1. CE ROHS dimmeralb driver the dimmer effect from 5-100%. the light is very even.and beautiful.

2.Slim size for dimmerable 360degree R7S LED, 29mm than normal R7S.

3. Small holes at the both end socket, good heat dissipatin.

4. With 6years of experience to produce LED R7S. the good quality can be asure.

Choose LED R7S, Choose Tianci lighting!

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You can send directly the enquiry to the email address:  sales04@tcled88.com   contact person: Lily Fang.


You enquiry and problems will be deal in the fastest time.

We are always at your service!



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