Short introduction of the linestra LED from Tianci lighting factory


Linestra led S14  is a pipe-shaped lamp, which you can use mainly in the kitchen and the bathroom (for example lighting of bathroom mirrors, vitrines). The Linestra led S14  are with 1 socket in the middle of the lamp or 2 sockets at both ends. The Linestra led S14  have longer life time and less energy consumption compared with the halogen linestras.

You can see the replacement solution for linestra LED S14 from Tianci Lighting factory as below:

 Tianci Linestra led can replace osram linestra dirctly

3w replace 30w osram linestra    4.5w replace 45w osram linestra

6w replace 60w  orsam linestra    10w replace 100w osram  linestra

15w linestra led replace 120 osram linestra

Specification of linestra LED S14


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