4-pin 2g11 replace traditional 4 pin fluorescent light bulbs

4-pin 2g11 replace traditional 4 pin fluorescent light bulbs

For 4-pin 2g11, It not like the t8 or t5 so easily  be replaced by some other model like led panel light. because the unique base with 4-pin 2g11. its hardly can be replaced by other model, so that’s why this market for 4-pin 2g11 is present all the time. Our TIANCI LIGHTING  focus on this 2g11 lamp base for 7years. we supply different watt with 9w,12w, 16w and 22W, to raplce the traditional 2g11 plc 36w, pl 55w. and 227mm, 322mm, 417mm and 542mm for your different lenth choose.



Advantage for our 4-pin 2g11 in our TIANCI LIGHTING.

• 2835 SMD LEDs with high lumen efficiency > 90 LM/W.   2g11 led

• Optimum light uniformity and high color homogeneity.

• Extremely robust with aluminum heat sink and polycarbonate cover.

• Power Factor: 0.95.

• Overpower, short and open circuit protected. 2G11 led 2G11 led

• NO noise, NO flicker, NO UV and IR.

• Mercury-free and RoHS compliant. 2G11 led

• Comply with CE and ROHS standards. 2G11 led

• Direct Replacement of Conventional Fluorescent Tubes.  2g11 led

• LED sources: Applied with the highest-level LED, low brightness,attenuation and lifespan is over 50000hrs

• Environment Friendly: No Glass, No Mercury, No Electro-Magnetic Emission, No UV & IR Radiation

• Optional multi-input voltage: Wide-voltage design AC input voltage,adapt to different voltage range. 2G11 led




Model                    Power Input  Voltage LED Source Size(mm) Lumens Beam Angle Replacing CFL Bulb
TC-2G11-9W 9W 85-265VAC Epistar 2835SMD L227xD36.5 900lm±10% 120° 18W
TC-2G11-12W 14W 85-265VAC Epistar 2835SMD L322xD36.5 1200lm±10% 120°  24W
 TC-2G11-16W  16W  85-265VAC Epistar 2835SMD   L417xD36.5 1800lm±10%   120° 36W
TC-2G11-22W 22W 85-265VAC Epistar 2835SMD L540xD36.5 2200lm±10% 120°  55W



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