R7S base halogen lamp available in LED retrofit opption


Nowadays there have developed some LED retrofit for R7S lamps, it is designed to dirctly replace the conventional R7S lamp, a 15W LED is equal to a 100W halogen R7S lamp. It is a liner with SMD 2835 LED lighting source, inside the liner there is the power driver, allow the LED replacement lamp input AC 85-265V, just directly replace the traditional R7S lamp and the LED lamp will light up.

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J118 Halogen tube linear                                            J118 bulb                                                        R7S Flood Light

6w 8w 10w  12w 13w 15w

LED R7S Retrofit lamp is available in 6W, 8W, 10W,12W, 13w and 15W.

LED R7S mainly used in advertising lighting, landscape lighting, hotel wall lighting, factory workshop lighting, parking lot lighting,clothing store lighting and so on, it is widely used.

What characteristics of BEECREE LED R7S have?
1)LED R7S using three-surface heat dissipation shell, it has higher efficiency than single-side heat dissipation ones.
2) LED R7S adopts isolated constant voltage and constant current power supply, and for wide voltage, 85V-265V voltage range can be used.
3)The radiating shell are made of aluminum material, better heat dissipation, lighter weight, and less shipping cost



CCTsAging test R7S (3)


What advantages of LED R7S have ?
1 traditional halogen lamp double end pipe is low effect, short service life, so LED R7S is the best choice at present.
2.For the LED R7S, the color can be warm white, white, red, green and RGB ,but the halogen lamp double end pipe can not, so LED R7S can be used more widely.

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