Dimmerable LED R7S 118mm 30W



As a professional LED R7S factory for almost 5years. at the end of last year, we devoloped the new model of high power R7S 30W with 118mm. other factory also copy this model. and we also found that it has similar model in the market.

But we still need to keep moving on. and devolope more good product to our customers.

And after a few weeks hard working. and technology testing. we devolpe the LED R7S dimmer driver. and until now, we are the first factory to have dimmerable LED R7S 30W or 25W.

The dimmer also trial dimmer. from 5% to 100%. stable quality and good dimmer effect.

If you also want to try and see, please contact us.

And we have other model of LED R7S for you choice. Choose professional LED R7S, choose Tianci lighting!




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