New linestra linestra s14s update similar design with traditional energy saving s14

New linestra s14s update similar design with traditional energy saving s14.


For this linestra s14s linght, we know it’s for to replacement the traditional philips linestra 60w or  linestra  36w or  linestra 55w.

So most customers like keep this outer shape similar with the traditional energy saving linestra s14s. that’s why our TIANCI LIGHTING

make some promotion for this model, and make it more popular, and welcomed by our Customers.

Now this linstra s14s is our newest model after a long time research and collect many information from our customers feedback.

Following are details changes for linestra s14s:

1.Smaller diameter for linestra s14s.

Now new model diameter is¢26mm, old model is ¢28mm.



2. You will see we changed it the end of  plastic plug, and make it more similar with the traditional one ,

then it’s can be welled replacement.



3.Our normal dimension for this linestra s14s,






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