Why we choose led 4 pin 2g11 to replace philips energy saving 2g11 base tube

We all know that there is another tube is the special led 4 pin 2g11, its also have a very big market like t8 tube, its for to replace philips plc 55w and plc 36w. we know philips have a plc lamps with energy saving, most customers use these lamps for a long time. now here I will tell you why we need replace with led led 4 pin 2g11:


No 1. High luminous efficiency,90-110lm/w for led 4pin 2g11, but only 50lm-60lm/w for energy saving plc lamp.

that is to say , 22w led 4pin 2g11 can replace traditioanl philips PLC 36W.

No 2: Longer life span, Using electron radiation emitting light field, filament light easy to burn, thermal deposition, shortcomings and so on light attenuation. And use the LED lamp is small volume, light weight, epoxy resin encapsulation, can bear high strength mechanical shock and vibration, not easily broken. The average life expectancy for 100000 hours. The service life of the LED lamps and lanterns of 5 ~ 10 years, can greatly reduce the maintenance cost of lamps and lanterns, often avoid changing light.

No 3. Safe and Environmentally friendly for led 4 pin 2g11.

Low calorific value, no thermal radiation, cold light source, can safely arrived in touch, can precisely control light type and light Angle, light color soft, no glare. Do not contain mercury, sodium and other substances may endanger health. The built-in microprocessor system can control the luminous intensity, luminous pattern adjustment, integrate light and art.


No  4, More competitive prices, even though it’s led 4pin 2g11, actually its have a better price compare philips PLC 36w.





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