Do you really know where R7S used?


LED R7S launched in the market for about 3years, and you can see R7S in the market. it is not as strange as before.

But do you know really know where r7s used??

I think the most instrution in the market is used in the flood light, to replace the hologen R7S lamo or metal halide R7S.

But in actually , to replace the hologen lamp in flood light is not a good choice. why?   As you also noticed that and confused that the led R7S used in flood light, the tempreture is too hot, as the flood light is very closed. IP65 or IP67. When the lamps on for hours. inside tempreture can up to more than 110degree. so this is not a good enviroment for LED lamp working. normal working enviroment is -20 to 45degree. so this tempreture is very hight for the lamp. the lamp is easy to burn or broken.

So where is the best enviroment for R7S, better is opening area. below is the photo for your reference:





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