How to indentify high quality Round LED Panel Light?

As we can see the market for LED panel light is very Fierce competition and with unbelievable price. How to find the good product with reasonable price still a question.And here in Tianci lighting, we help you to identify the led panel light in the market with different quality with different price.Here is the comparison for two panels, one is in the market with price at 3.4USD, one with from us.

1. Driver shell.

a. The yellow shell driver is fireproof material. Very safe.the white box driver shell is the most common in the market,

b. this material used is not fireproof. So it is easy to get fire if the line short circuit.


2. The driver:

a.   The driver with low price is not isolated driver. Not safe and easy to get short circuit. Dangerous to you and your customers.

b. The driver we use is isolated driver, safety and pass CE ROHS.


3.  Another quality point is LED chip. The chip’s quality reply on the material use in the led chip planet. And the pin material. We use the chip is Epista, and the other is made by China.

Let’s see how to identify:The LED chip planet.

a. The lamp with low price, the led chip’s plant is used with iron, iron for chip is easy to rust. And iron for heat dissipation is not good.

b. The good quality chip is used with copper, easy for heat dissipation and long life

.b.If you want to check the LED plant is iron or copper, just use magnet to test.金线与合金线


Another thing is from the outlook. You will may not see any difference. But here is the photo:

a. The weight for the good quality panel light is heavier than the normal one.

b. And the last is the Light guide plate. Our led panel light is with size of 4.0mm, and the other is used 2.0mm.

c. The LGP more thinner, then light diffuser is better and more even.


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