Good design for linestra led , replace Osram linestra

As the new item linestra led of our company , we researched and tested this light almost cost about 1 year . In the past of the time , this item is already very stable . So good news to our clients ,  you can relieved sale this item to your market . This led light is used in bathroom , as the source of the linear light , install near the mirrors . If you are interested in this item , please send an email to me , I will provide more infomation to you .

linestra sockel/linestra light/linestra led


Description of linestra s14s

linestra light/linestra led/linestra s14d


Application of linestra s14d

linestra led/linestra s14d/linestra s14s


Compare with other type of linestra light in the market

linestra s14d/linestra s14s/linestra lamps


For more details of linestra sockel contact us .  

    Contact person: Nancy Wong
    Skype: sales06tchy
    Any question and inquiries will be highly appreciated !
   linestra s14s/linestra lamps/linestra bulb

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