New replacement for mirror lamp

New replacement for mirror lamp.

Have you ever still feel mass in such a led boom era? price competition, all product the same from outlook. customer cut price, no profit. and euro is getting very bad, and almost 1Euro=1dollor.

In such a bad time and in price competition, we have a new devolpe product for you to go away with these problem.

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It is LED linestra lamp, you may see this lamp in the market are osram traditional lamp. but not LED.

And here i would like to glad to tell you. you have the this market now. we have LED Linestra lamp now.

1.Energy saving and low power consumption, saving up to 40%-50% compared with traditional osram linestra lamp.

2. Easy of replacement, just take off the old lamp and put the new one on. then it is done.

3.LED linestra lamp is widely to replace osram linestra lamp.

4.There are two model of linestra lamp, S14d and S14s.

And below is the specification of the Led linestra lamp.



And LED linestra available wattage can be choose in Tianci lighting.


Welcome to enquiry if you inerested in.

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