Most popular and wide application led spotlight for you first choose

Most popular and wide application led spotlight for you first choose

Led spotlight have become very popular over the past decade and are now being used for a wide variety of applications. When buying led spot lights, whether it be for the interior or exterior of your home, it is important to know all of the different spot light options before making a purchase. Now most popular led spotlight is the COB spot light, with 6w/8w/10 for your choose, following are details:


Details introduction for led spotlight for help you choose the good one.

1.Thermal control principle : 6063 aluminum perfect thermal management

2.Solder joint temperature : 85 degrees centigrade

3.Luminous decay : LED chips have LM80 tested

4.LED brand : Epistar COB

5.Power supply : design by ourselves , PF>0.9

6.Power internal temperature : 75 degrees centigrade

7.3 years warranty


Features and Advantages of led spotlight

1.Wide range of available voltage and low consumption.

2.Environment-friendly and no UV or IR addiation.

3.Easy to install and maintain and normal base type E can be matched.

4.Replacement of traditional bulbs and no subsidiary fixture, such as ballasts and starters.

5.Long lifespan , low cost of maintenance.

6.Energy saving and high luminous intensity, energy consumption can be 30% of traditional bulbs.

7.Anti-shake, convenient for trnasportation.



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