Changing CFL lights to LED PL Light


The first lights to be changed to LED PL Lights are the incandescent. These lights used far more energy and are are easier technological change, so changing to LED PL Light would get larger financial rewards.

LED Source And Base

Many of the early market LED PL Light suppliers had targeted incandescent replacements and ignored CFL replacements for some time, mainly due to simple numbers. Fluorescents are relatively cheap to buy and also don’t use much energy, so the payback period on changing a CFL to an LED PL Lamp is far longer, and that’s not the only issue. Most CFL light fittings in commercial buildings will use a ballast and a starter as part of the light fitting. The problem with these light fittings is that in most cases the light fitting will not accept an LED alternative without first re-wiring the entire light fitting to by-pass both the ballast and starter. This requires a qualified electrician and takes time, which all adds to the installation costs.

However, these LED PL lights are also getting cheaper and more compatible with the existing infrastructure. Given the number of commercial buildings that use CFL lighting systems, the market for LED alternatives is massive, so new LED PL Light options are coming to market all the time.

Following is our best seller LED PL light video show, you will find the different base of LED PL light.





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