Why we can provide high power of GX24 corn led lights ?

One year ago , if you asked me about 60W GX24Q , I would told you we don’t have a such power , our biggest power is 13W . But now , as the high power of corn led lights update to the market , we can help you to solve this problem and provide you the best project . Now our led light with GX24 base has 12 powers : 6W , 8W , 10W , 13W , 16W , 20W , 24W , 27W , 36W , 45W , 54W , 60W . These different powers can satisfy your different demand .

60 watt led corn lamp corn led lamp e40 100 watt 120w led corn light

6W , 8W , 10W , 13W led GX24 is not the news in the market . Many person is already used this kind of lamp .

e40 led corn light led corn light 100w dimmable led corn light


Why we can produce 16W , 20W , 24W , 27W , 36W , 45W , 54W , 60W GX24 led corn light ? In practice , our led corn lamp only have E27 and E40 base , but we have a kind of adapter substitute can help us to change E27 base to GX24 .

led corn cob light 100w led corn light e27 led corn lamp


Specification of corn lamps led from 12W to 60W :

e27 corn led corn led corn cob led bulb

The height of GX24 corn led lamps should add the height of GX24 base !

led corn lamp led corn led corn light bulb

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   led corn light led corn bulb corn led light


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