Amazing LED PL-2G11 to replace old PL fluorescent tubes

LED PL – 2G11 tubes are designed for the replacement of existing PL fluorescent

LED PL – 2G11 tubes are designed for the replacement of existing PL fluorescent

lighting systems. 227mm/322mm/417mm/ and 542mm for normal size, The LED PL -2g11 series tubes are offered in a variety of color temperatures for flexibility in all types of applications. The frosted lens allows for an evenly illuminated glow resembling existing fluorescent tubes. Very low temperature operation saves on HVAC costs and long life greatly reduces maintenance costs. The self-ballasted design allows for easy installation into most commonly used PL tube system fixtures.


A lot of homeowners and individuals seek out greater ways they could enhance their environment and setting. This is why the generating of alternative energy and energy saving lighting has been welcomed by numerous. Now, LED PL-2G11  have replaced the regular light we have always recognized. For the last 6 years, fluorescent tubes have taken over and remain the favored choice of many home owners and persons generally. The very first factor that makes LED PL -2G11 popular is because of their cost effective aspect. They’re priced well and do not cost as much as incandescent bulbs. In spite of that, they offer better light for dwellings and offices than incandescent bulbs.


Different size and watt LED PL-2G11 for you choose:



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