LED lighting revolution: LED panel light


led panel light

If you pay attention to the trend of most popular led product for past 3 years, led panel light will absolutely list on the top.

Energy-saving is always the most shining point of led source, nobody can say no to a beautiful and flat and thin panel with energy-saving led lighting source inside, it’s a perfect match.

Simple specification for our LED panel light:

Power Dimmension Lumen
 10W   300×300x10mm  900LM
 20W  300x600x10mm  1500LM
 40W  300x1200x10mm  3300LM
 40W  600×600x10mm  3300LM
 48W  600×600x10mm  3600LM
 60W  600×600x10mm  4500LM
 72W  600×1200x10mm  5400LM

Differnent dimmension for LED panel light



LED Panel Lighting is the perfect upgrade for large scale commercial lighting. LED Panel Lighting can be used in a wide variety of applications including office spaces, retail, educational, governmental, and medical buildings. With an average current draw of 300mA, these Panel Light fixtures will provide the lighting needed at a fraction of the power cost.



How do we pack the LED panel light



TianCi Lighting is committed to providing customers with outstanding service and quality products in LED lighting. we work to continuously develop new products and extend existing lines based on customer needs. For more information on their line of LED Panel Lighting, or other LED lighting products, please send us inquiry by clicking “send us an inquiry!”



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