Metal Halide G12 LED Bulb replacements

Regarding the Metal Halide lamps G12 Bulb, you may see mostly in the market is 70W, it can reach about 6300lm, but most G12 LED bulb is 8w and 10w. And you must suffer from cannot find the right G12 LED bulb to replace it. Don’t worry, you are luck to read this article, it’s to tell you what traditional G12 lamps the market have, also telling you how to use a right G12 LED bulb to replace.  

G12 LED Bulb

How to replace Philips G12 bulb with G12 LED Bulb?

Philips’ G12 bulb  G12 led bulb
20w 1800lm L103XD20mm 10w 1100lm L103XD28mm
35w 3100lm L103XD20mm 15w 1600lm L103XD28mm
70w 6300lm L103XD20mm 30w 2800lm L127xD95.5MM
150w 12700lm L110XD20mm 35w 3200lm L127xD95.5MM

What’s Tianci’s G12 LED Bulb series and specifications?

Model Power Input Voltage Size Lumens CRI
TC-G12-8W 8W 100-240VAC L92XD28mm 800lm 80Ra
TC-G12-10W 10W 100-240VAC L103XD28mm 1100lm 80Ra
TC-G12-15W 15W 100-240VAC L30XD28mm 1600lm 80Ra
TC-G12-25W 25W 100-240VAC L127XD95.5mm 2300lm 80Ra
TC-G12-30W 30W 100-240VAC L127XD95.5mm 2800lm 80Ra
TC-G12-35W 35W 100-240VAC L127XD95.5mm 3200lm 80Ra

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